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All lab testing is performed by Pharmasan Labs, Inc. in Osceola, WI.   

Ordering and Shipping Policies    

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Overnight & 2nd Day shipping of test collection material orders are only available by calling Customer Service. During the winter months, Nov-Mar estimated, insulated winter shipping boxes should be used for all whole blood samples.
For any questions or concerns, please call Customer Service: 1-877-282-0313 or 1-715-294-1705.
Mitochondrial Health Package
Panel Code : 55200  

This profile offers MitoSOARTM, Mitochondrial Membrane Potential (MMP) with Oxidative Challenge, and Plasma Peroxidase all in one. The MitoSOAR assay measures mitochondrial superoxide. The MMP with Oxidative Challenge assay assesses mitochondrial ability to transport protons across the membrane for generation of ATP.  Cells are also exposed to low and high levels of hydrogen peroxide. The Plasma Peroxidase assay measures the levels of enzymes called plasma peroxidases.

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